Friday, August 29, 2008

More crafts finally finished

Tonight we completed 4 more clipboards which brings us to a grand total of 11 clipboards for our upcoming sale. My goal is to make a few things every single night. I hope to get lots finished this weekend since it is a 3 day weekend. Yippee!!!

We are leaving for Atlanta tomorrow morning. I plan on crafting and swimming all weekend. Jordan wants to add that we will be eating some good stuff too...

Tonight I used my 40% off entire purchase at Michael's without a problem. The cashier did not even blink an eye. I guess they have seen several of them this week.

That is all for tonight! Hugs...

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

1st Blog Post!!!

This is my very first post ever on a blog! I have been thinking about starting one for awhile and I finally decided to take the plunge. Since my mom and I have decided to start participating in some craft shows I wanted somewhere to keep up with what I have made. Tonight I made 5 altered clipboards. So far for our first show, I have made 34 altered journals, 10 paper bag books and 55 bags of pumpkin poop. I hope to get some more items made this weekend when we go to Atlanta.
Mike and Jordan have spent the last few nights spray painting baskets and building a display shelf for our show.
Our first show is September 20th and 21st in Gladewater, Texas. It is billed as the largest Arts & Craft Show in East Texas. Wish us luck!

I guess that is all for my first post....Later!