Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Craft Show Results

Last weekend was our very first craft show and we did AWESOME! Other than it being really hot we had a great time and sold a lot of stuff. I think everyone was pleasantly surprised how well we did. Our journals and clipboards were our best sellers.
Our next sale is in Lindale, Texas on October 11th. We then have 3 more shows planned for November.
I sure hope our next show is as profitable as this one was. We learned a few things about how to set up our display and I feel the next time will be a bit easier.
I will post some pictures of our display later tonight.


DeeDee said...

fort Worth...Where in fort worth are you. I am from fort worth and didn't hear of any craft sales...I would love to come see your work and others..please email me at ddsdoubles@hotmail.com......

welcome to the pc crafter board also...


Anonymous said...

everything looks great!! glad it was a good show!

welcome to the board!


Heather said...

It's all great looking stuff! You do beautiful work. :)


Anonymous said...

Hey great table displays, Your creativity looks wonderful. Glad your show went well. Good luck on the rest! Kcria

Taffy said...

CONGRATS on a great show! :)